Why invest at Sugar Hill

Why buy your own property at Sugar Hill?

If you’re looking to buy a holiday home, invest in property or buy a home away from home that gives you a healthy rental income, then Sugar Hill Estates could be just be the place.

Sugar Hill is a long-established gated community that provides a little taste of paradise for those coming to visit. So much so, that many decide to buy property so they can return again and again.

Sugar Hill has a built a reputation as one of the most appealing locations on the island. If we had to guess why, it could be thanks to the excellent work the management and staff do to keep the estate beautifully and immaculately maintained. It could also be due to the range of facilities the complex provides including two communal pools and a fitness centre. From the on-site restaurant, leisure facilities, to the world-renowned tennis club, all with the promise of ultimate privacy and security for residents and visitors, there is plenty to attract the most discerning visitor.

Sugar Hill also has a range of privately owned properties to suit every requisite. As you sweep into this luxurious complex through the palm tree lined driveway you will find one and two bedroom condos. Each has a balcony overlooking the swimming pool and enjoys views of the Caribbean sea in the distance. The condos on the top floors also boast a roof terrace where many owners have installed hot tubs to fully appreciate the sunset views in style.

Further into the complex, bear left into Coconut Ridge where you can find a selection of houses. These vary from two-four bedroom homes, some with a separate cottage on the ground to accommodate a private third bedroom and often with a plunge pool too.

Overlooking the tennis courts to the front and positioned to enjoy stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, the townhouses along Tamarind Row range from three-four bedrooms. Many boast their own pools. Further along the driveway and enjoying spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea you will find our larger, more bespoke luxury homes. These secluded properties are each uniquely designed and range from four to six bedrooms with a swimming pool to enjoy.

Whatever your requirements there is something to suit everyone at Sugar Hill. Many owners have enjoyed homes on the complex for decades and rent their properties to holiday makers who come from across the world to stay in Barbados. For those who want to, owning a property on Sugar Hill Estates can provide a very healthy rental income. This can be managed by the owner through online holiday rental companies. There are also plenty of property rental specialists on the island who can also manage this.

Furthermore, Barbados has a number of highly specialized property managers who look after your home when you’re not on island. Property managers will look after your property, ensure that all maintenance is taken care of, arrange cleaning and help manage the switch over between guests to ensure everyone has an exceptional holiday experience.

It’s also worth noting that unlike other condo and villa developments on the island, Sugar Hill does not put any stipulations on owners to rent their properties out. Owners are free to do whatever they choose with their property. Owners must adhere to the Property Owners Association rules, but these are more to do with ensuring that usage of the property is within keeping with the resort and remaining considerate of your neighbours.

As well as offering healthy rental possibilities, investing in Barbados is an investment well worth making. The island enjoys a stable economy and links its currency to the US dollar. Subsequently, property prices have increased in the last 18 months and the island has always enjoyed substantial interest from overseas investors. It also has well designed infrastructure, highly-skilled workforce, developed healthcare, education and policing system and is politically stable. Crime rates are exceptionally low making this perfect holiday destination a firm favourite for the most discerning traveller.

Sugar Hill is one of the most prestigious addresses on the island. Owning your own property here allows the opportunity to come and go as you please, ready to explore this wonderful island with year-round sunshine. When you come back to stay, simply sit back, relax and enjoy this tropical paradise.

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